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High Frequency PCB

Topfast provides high-frequency PCB manufacturing. We use advanced machines and materials to ensure a precise and reliable end product. Our strict quality standards ensure that all of our PCBs are built to perform.

For PCB Prototype or Assembly

Why Use a High Frequency PCB?

High-frequency PCBs are perfect for communications applications such as radar, antenna, microwave, guidance systems and more. They can deliver better electrical performance than their lower frequency counterparts, and transmit electromagnetic waves in frequencies up to the GHz range. This makes high-frequency PCBs an ideal choice for communications projects.

  • Electromagnetic waves with minimal signal loses
  • Improved signal integrity
  • Support faster signal flow rates
  • More accurate signal routing
  • Reduced board assembly costs
  • Lower dielectric constant (DF) and dissipation factor (DK)
For Communication Applications

What a high-Frequency PCB?

A high-frequency PCB is a printed circuit board designed to be used in applications where high-frequency signals must be transmitted and received. High-frequency PCBs typically require a greater amount of dense traces and intricate components such as small via sizes and fine pitch technology. This allows for speeds over 1GHz, with reduced interference, operational stability and improved electrical performance. Common applications for high-frequency PCBs include aerospace, medical devices, 5G communication, and gaming electronics. High-frequency PCBs require special attention when being designed, as they can be more easily damaged than other types of PCBs and require a more intricate fabrication process.
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How much cost High-Frequency PCB ?

Cost of manufacturing a high-frequency PCB will vary depending on the complexity, materials used and quantity required.

More Options

More Options

Assembly Capabilities for PCBs

  • Stencil Size Range
  • 29inch*29inch
  • SMT
  • Position accuracy: 25um
    Components size:0201--150mm
    Max.PCB Size:680mm*500mm
    MinPCB size:50mm*50mm
    Min.PCB Thickness:0.3mm-- 6mm
    Min.IC Pitch: 0.30mm
  • Wave-Solder
  • Max.PCB width:450mm Min.PCB width:no Limited Component height: Top 120mm/Bottom 15mm
  • Min.BGA pitch
  • 0.008"
  • Max.BGA Size
  • 74mm x74mm
  • BGA Ball Pitch
  • 1.00mm(Min);3.00mm(Max)
  • BGA Ball Diameter
  • 0.40mm(Min);1.00mm(Max)
  • QFP Lead Pitch
  • 0.38mm(Min);2.54mm(Max)

Metals and Plastics


Materials used to manufacture High-Frequency PCB 

High-frequency PCBs are typically manufactured from high density laminated structures, such as those supplied by board brands like Rogers, Taconic, Arlon, Panasonic, and Formosa.

  • Rogers 4350B, 4003C, RO3003, RO3006, RO3010, RO3001
  • Panasonic Megtron6
  • Taconic TLC, TLX, RF-35
  • ARLON 85N

Customizable PCB Boards Up to 16 Layers

At Topfast we provide High-frequency Customizable PCB Boards Up to 16 Layers, ideal for communication and radar applications. Our boards feature copper filled holes, high level of dense design, sharp detail and gold external plating. With customizable layers up to 16, you are able to tailor your wiring needs and reduce interference between components. These boards come with excellent assembly capabilities, which allow for industry-leading quality. Our precision machining processes ensure that your boards are built to the highest standard using only the best materials. 

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