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High Speed PCB

Topfast provides high speed PCB manufacturing services. We utilize automated processes that are capable of handling the most complex board designs with the highest level of accuracy.

For PCB Prototype or Assembly

Why Use a High Speed PCB?

High speed PCBs are essential for any communication project that requires digital circuit speed above 45MHZ. Our specialized PCBs are highly resistant to signal interference, and the finely tuned components minimize any errors and maximize data speed.

  • High speed data transmission rates
  • Minimized signal interference, Enhanced signal integrity
  • Minimized errors and data transmission errors
  • Maximized cycle times
  • Reliable grounding and reduced signal distortion
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Improved performance and reliability
For Communication Applications

What is a High Speed PCB?

A high speed PCB is a printed circuit board that is designed and manufactured to provides high speed data transmission rates. They enable the board to process data quickly while minimizing any potential data transmission errors that may occur. High-speed PCBs are generally composed of specialized materials designed to reduce signal loss between components. These materials also help to reduce production costs and keep the size of these boards compact. Additionally, they come with advanced practices in routing and design that minimize the size of components and increase cycle times. These features make them ideal for communication applications, wherein voltage rises or drops in a short time period.
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How much cost High Speed PCB ?

The cost of high speed PCB differs depending on the complexity of the board's design and the number of layers incorporated.

More Options

More Options

Assembly Capabilities for PCBs

  • Stencil Size Range
  • 29inch*29inch
  • SMT
  • Position accuracy: 25um
    Components size:0201--150mm
    Max.PCB Size:680mm*500mm
    MinPCB size:50mm*50mm
    Min.PCB Thickness:0.3mm-- 6mm
    Min.IC Pitch: 0.30mm
  • Wave-Solder
  • Max.PCB width:450mm Min.PCB width:no Limited Component height: Top 120mm/Bottom 15mm
  • Min.BGA pitch
  • 0.008"
  • Max.BGA Size
  • 74mm x74mm
  • BGA Ball Pitch
  • 1.00mm(Min);3.00mm(Max)
  • BGA Ball Diameter
  • 0.40mm(Min);1.00mm(Max)
  • QFP Lead Pitch
  • 0.38mm(Min);2.54mm(Max)

Metals and Plastics


Materials used to Manufacture High Speed PCB

About the materials used to manufacture high speed PCBs, we use polymer resin with or without fillers, reinforcement, and metal foil from brands like Panasonic, Formosa, and Isola. These materials are able to withstand extreme temperatures and guarantee signal integrity:

  • Isola 370HR, I-Speed, I-Tera MT40, MT77
  • Rogers 3003, 4000 series 
High Speed

High Density Laminated Structure

High speed PCBs are complex and require a specialized interconnection system in order to ensure dependable performance. Topfast uses high density laminated boards that are specifically designed to eliminate signal interference among different system components. Our boards feature tightly-packed circuits with sharp details and exact dimensions with copper filled holes to maximize the amount of components and traces.

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