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Topfast Presents its PCB Solutions at 14th Dubai China Home Furnishing Exhibition

by Topfast | Friday Jun 16 2023

The 14th Dubai China Home Furnishing Exhibition was held from 13 June 2023 to 15 June 2023 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Topfast was present at this exhibition showcasing its advanced solutions for printed circuit boards. With over 20 years of experience in research and development, Topfast offers a range of products including HDI PCBs, rigid-flex PCBs, flex pcb, high speed circuit board and high frequency pcbs.

At this exhibition, the company was presenting its wide range of PCB solutions at booth 3D201-3D202. Through this exhibition, the company has offered new opportunities to its customers in the field of industrial automation, industrial control, consumer electronics, as well as the printing and medical industries.

Topfast PCB offers a competitive advantage through their superior customer service, quick response times, and professional support. Their dedicated team strives to ensure customer satisfaction, from the initial process to the final delivery of goods.

Focus of the Exhibition

The focus of the 14th Dubai-China Home Furnishing Exhibition was on presenting the latest products and innovations for interior design, home furnishing and lighting. Topfast, a major printed circuit board manufacturer, presented its comprehensive range of PCB solutions featuring high complex PCB and HDI PCB, high frequency PCB, and high speed PCB.

The solutions were created to provide faster and more reliable performance in final product, which was demonstrated with the testimony of attendees from a variety of industries. By showcasing its offering, Topfast aims to further strengthen its presence in the global electronics market.

Benefits for Attendees

Attendees of the 14th Dubai-China Home Furnishing Exhibition were offered the opportunity to experience the most advanced equipment and technologies available when it comes to printed circuit boards.

Topfast showcased its customized solutions and designs, and was able to meet the needs of customers in a variety of industries. Attendees experienced what sets Topfast apart from other providers, including its reliability and expertise.

Our domestic team modified their working hours to match those in Dubai during the exhibition, in order to be able to connect with customers within 2 hours of receiving their business cards and to respond to customer orders within 12 hours.

Moreover, its onsite staff was able to provide visitors with in-depth advice and recommendations on the best PCB products for their applications.


In conclusion, the 14th Dubai-China Home Furnishing Exhibition provided attendees with a unique opportunity to witness the power of Topfast's PCB solutions firsthand.

Through the event, Topfast was able to demonstrate its advanced technologies and product designs to cater to customers from a variety of industries. The performance and reliability of its solutions ensure that it will continue to strengthen its position in the global electronics market as a leading supplier of PCBs.

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